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Bingo halls have been around for decades, packed with players eager to be the first to cross out their numbers from their card and win the big prize. With the advent of technology in recent years, bingo has shifted to an online platform, with several online casinos in Ireland providing it, allowing more people the opportunity to play this very entertaining and sociable game. Online bingo is a thrilling game, but it is also risk-free.

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Everything in this game is up to chance. Each player is given a card with random numbers written on it. The host alternates between plucking out the numbers and checking the card for the existence of numbers. The person whose card was the first to hold the winning combination is the winner. Players that have the same numbers in a row, multiple rows, or in a block win. Instead of the leading number, they are picked by a software based on a random number generator at an online casino.

Bingo Game


Not only do we owe the Italians spaghetti, pizza, and wine, but we also owe them bingo. They devised a game called loto in the 16th century, which is still played today. Over time, the game expanded throughout Europe and then to North America. It was originally named “bino,” but it became “bingo” by mistake when one of the players who won the winning combination unintentionally messed up the term and yelled “bingo.”

This game is equally popular in the United Kingdom. It was legalized in 1960 and has since attracted thousands of Britons, becoming a popular sport. Later, its scope grew to the point that, beginning in the mid-1980s, national lotteries with multimillion-dollar jackpots appeared in a number of nations. Since the year 2000, bingo, often known as lottery, has been available online, allowing individuals from all over the globe to play, win, and meet other bingo enthusiasts.

How to Play Online Bingo

Online bingo games, like traditional bingo, involve marking off the numbers on your ticket as they are called out in the draw. The concept is similar to lottery in that you must check the draws each time and cross out all of your ticket numbers in their respective places in the final results before anybody else does in order to win the top reward. Depending on the bingo game, you will have a varied number of numbers to mark off on your ticket.

The numbers on your ticket will correspond to the numbers that can be phoned. These numbers are printed onto balls in land-based games; in online casino games, the balls are essentially imaginary. There are sometimes several ways to win a game of bingo – you don’t simply win for a complete card (or full house), but also for completing vertical or horizontal lines.

Fundamental Guidelines

First and foremost, you must select the sort of game: there are 75 balls in the American version of the game, and there are 30 ball variations. 90 balls are used in the traditional British game. Let’s have a look at the game’s rules based on it.

The ticket for the game, which has 90 potential numbers, is divided into three rows and nine columns, for a total of 27 squares. Each row has 15 numbers. Each regular ticket is made up of six miniature tickets known as “strips.” In actuality, each of these six tickets contains all of the numbers from 1 to 90, in a random arrangement.

Let’s get started with the game now that you know what a basic bingo ticket looks like.

  1. Choose a game. Winnings in bingo are determined by the style of game, the quantity of wagers, and the number of tickets purchased. In order to compete for the largest jackpots, online casinos often need the player to supply payment method details. It might be credit card information or anything else.
  2. Purchasing a ticket You will be given tickets after selecting the proper game. Most tickets may be purchased in multiples of two, however this is not always the case. And there is no confirmed mechanism here; everything is up to chance. Please keep in mind that even if you are playing a free game, you will still need to “purchase” a ticket. Don’t be terrified of this term; there’s nothing you have to do in the free game. Then the real fun begins.
  3. Announcement in the room. A random number generator is used to choose the balls in an online casino. Unlike the conventional game, the computer shows you where you have matches or even automatically crosses out matches in the online version, giving you more opportunity to connect with other players. You can use the automated mode or manually cross off numbers. In any event, the chance of missing your number is reduced since the computer still considers the matches in your ticket.
  4. The winner will be announced. The game is over as soon as there is a winner. The primary reward is awarded to the winning player, and the remaining players can check their tickets to see if they have any winning combinations. Even if you weren’t the one who exclaimed “Bingo!” you have a chance to win a good gift. The important part is that your ticket has matching number combinations, such as numerous columns or a square of digits. Each bingo game has its unique set of winning combinations, which may be found on the online casino’s website.

How We Rate Ireland’s Best online Bingo Sites

Before making any suggestions, our team of specialist evaluators thoroughly examines all of the main online bingo sites. They set up an account at each site and score the ease of use as well as the amount of security given. They put the bingo bonus offers through their paces and compare them to other sites to see how much value they provide to gamers. Our testers will deposit using various methods and assess the games available in terms of fairness, speed, aesthetics, and usability. They make withdrawals, calculate the time it takes for funds to arrive, and communicate with customer support agents.

They consider game diversity, game quality, user experience, bonuses, and the many varieties of bingo available in Ireland. Each online casino receives a star rating in each of these five categories, and each review is further subdivided into bonuses and promotions, registration, deposits and withdrawals, experience, mobile play, software, game selection, VIP programs, customer service, security, responsible gambling, and more. Then, for each bingo online site, they present an aggregate score, allowing you to compare and choose the best online bingo site.

Why Should you Trust Us?

Online bingo has grown in popularity in recent years. There are now hundreds of online bingo sites operating throughout the world, with new ones starting every week. These websites enable users to have fun while also earning money from the comfort of their own homes.

However, with so many online options accessible, it may be difficult. Which bingo site is best for you? How do you make sound decisions? What aspects should you consider before making a decision? This is where we can assist.

We help Irish high rollers and gamblers find the best online bingo site Ireland has to offer. This is accomplished through our precisely designed and well researched reviews of Ireland’s leading bingo sites. In addition to the assessments, we offer guidance and recommendations on how to conduct your own search.

We take a number of criteria into account when deciding whether or not an Irish bingo site is worthy of our readers’ wagers. It is vital that we conduct an extensive inquiry. Our team of professionals searches high and low, far and wide in their dedication to finding you nothing but the best. The following are the most important factors we evaluate while evaluating bingo websites.

  1. Bingo site Promotions & Bonuses
  2. Other Products and Services
  3. Payment Methods for bingo
  4. Customer Service

Bonuses for Online Bingo

Online bingo rooms, like online casinos, frequently offer incentives to get more players to participate in the game. Welcome bonuses are the most prevalent type of online bingo casino incentives. The most popular welcome incentives are a multiplier of your first deposit. Some of the most prevalent are offers to collect a 200 percent bonus.

These incentives, like all free things in the world, come with a little catch. Withdrawal limits normally apply to how the bonus or slots bonus spins can be used. A wagering requirement, often known as a playthrough, is the most prevalent type of limitation.

What are the Online Bingo Ireland Wagering Requirements?

When playing online bingo, you must be aware of the wagering requirement, which is the minimum amount you must spend in order to receive a bonus from the website. The minimum spend is usually a double of the bonus amount, and it may include any deposit you must make as well as any wins (if you received the bonus from an online slot spin for example).

This implies that you must always deposit and play through a particular amount before you can begin withdrawing money won with bonus dollars. It’s usually a good idea to double-check the bonus rules and the minimum deposit requirements.

You may be prompted to increase your deposit balance to 15 times your initial value at times. This means you’d have to spend €150 of your own money before making a €10 investment and receiving a 100% welcome bonus. A wagering requirement for online bingo may normally only be used on bingo tickets and not on other games or slot spins.

Options for Winning at Bingo

The largest reward is awarded for a complete house, but depending on the bingo type, players can also earn prizes for one line, two lines, or even wins in a certain pattern. These patterns can take many different shapes, but the most common ones are diamonds, chevrons, and crosses. As a result, before you join, be sure you understand what the purpose is.


Types of Irish Bingo

  • 90-ball;
  • 80-ball;
  • 75-ball.

Bingo with 90 balls

The conventional form of this game, 90-ball bingo, is always available online. The tickets are a 9×3 grid with 15 numbers ranging from 1 to 90 on each ticket (as the name suggests). Typically, 90-ball includes three separate prizes to strive for: two lines, a complete house, and the reward growing all the way up to a predetermined winnings cap as the difficulty of achieving the desired objective increases.

When it comes to the objectives, a full house is the simplest – you must match all 15 numbers before anybody else does. Unless otherwise specified in the game’s regulations, the two distinct lines can be any line on the grid. Check this ahead of time to avoid being taken off guard.

Bingo with 80 balls

Coverall Bingo, often known as 80-Ball Bingo, is a popular version these days. This game is played on a 4×4 grid and features 16 numbers ranging from 1 to 80. In contrast to 90-Ball bingo, 80-Ball bingo only has one reward. And, as you might think, you must match and cross off all 16 digits on your card or ticket before anybody else does. Prices for 80-balls are frequently higher.

Bingo with 75 balls

Pattern bingo is another name for 75-ball bingo. The game is played on a 5×5 grid with cards with numbers ranging from 1 to 75. You may come across a coverall game on 75-ball from time to time, but in order to win, you must match a certain pattern before anybody else. Patterns can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, and will be announced prior to the start of the game.

Payment and Deposit Methods

Payment Methods

Deposits and withdrawals are, as always at gambling, must be made by one method to prove that it is you, who draws the money. But the methods are wide enough for any Irish and mostly on the sites you can see such methods as:

  • PayPal
  • Trustly
  • VISA
  • Master card
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard

You can choose any of given on the website, so it will suit you well enough!

What Exactly is Free Bingo?

There is another alternative for bingo players who are still hesitant to deposit money at unfamiliar internet venues. This is free bingo, and it allows you to test the waters if you are uncertain. Free bingo games are ideal for beginners because they do not often need a deposit from consumers and will simply teach you what’s what for little to no rewards, all in a low-risk setting without the need to create an account.

Some free bingo games may cost a little, generally a cent per card, and will be easy to obtain. In reality, the only true disadvantage of playing free bingo is that the rewards are not particularly big. You may also win in credits alone (since it is free), and they must be played on the casino site in order to be redeemed.

Advices to Play Bingo

  1. Set a budget for yourself. The purchase of multiple tickets on the spur of the moment is unlikely to result in the anticipated winnings. Consistency is crucial in this game, so consider how much you are ready to spend ahead of time. Pay attention to the bonus offers that online casinos provide on a regular basis.
  2. Find your favorite game and website. Different games are made for different types of individuals. The same is true for websites. As a result, whether you play bingo online on a regular or seldom basis, select a site that you enjoy.
  3. If possible, purchase several tickets. We recommend obtaining numerous tickets for the same game if your budget permits. This is preferable to playing many games at the same time or in succession.
  4. Boost your chances of winning. Choose a time that is not the most popular for the game, and you will be more likely to catch luck by the tail.

Why Should You Play at Irish Bingo Sites?

In general, whether it’s a stand-alone bingo game or games like bingo networks, free bingo earns you experience. Using games like these allows you to try out a bingo site and get a feel for the games as a whole. It also allows you to practice strategy, get a sense for game tempo, and try out borders, new card levels, and other features without fear of making a mistake.

Online Bingo vs. Bingo Halls

Playing bingo in a physical hall and playing online are extremely similar. The primary difference is that when you play online, you don’t need to store huge books of bingo tickets because all of your tickets are electronic. You also don’t have to keep up with the number calling because you don’t have to check off your own tickets while playing online.

This means that playing online is a lot less stressful, allowing you to sit back and relax. Of course, many people prefer bingo halls for their social aspect, but online bingo rooms also include live chat rooms where you can meet and interact with other players.

Gingo Game

Benefits of Online Bingo:

There are various advantages to playing bingo online, including:

  • the ability to play on the move;
  • a variety of games to suit your skill and budget;
  • a number of free rooms accessible if you do not desire to pay.

All of these advantages combine to provide you the opportunity to hone your Bingo abilities and take your passion for Bingo to the next level, where you may make big money!

Last Thoughts on Bingo

We’ve compiled a list of factors to consider while selecting a casino site to play bingo at. Make a note of the following items on your checklist:

  • Examine the bonus’s terms and conditions to see if they are suitable ( also known as T&Cs).
  • Check to see if the casino is trustworthy, pays out incentives, and has a stand on the ethical aspect of gaming.
  • Examine the site’s security measures, such as browser and password protection, personal data collecting, and so on.
  • If you want to switch devices, see if the site where you want to play bingo provides the ability to play on mobile.

Online bingo is a very popular and wonderfully enjoyable hobby, and it is a unique game among the Irish culture since they are great bingo fans. If you are a national lottery lover who is fascinated with monitoring lotto results, we believe that online bingo is a wonderful option for you because the game is extremely comparable.

If you follow our recommendations on where to play, you should have a fantastic time while also earning money and making new friends. At the end of the day, though, many of our recommendations are based on personal choice, so do what feels right for you. We strive to give the greatest bingo sites for our users so that everyone may take advantage of this free information.


Our bingo sites are ranked based on their bonuses, reputation, and user experience.

Our current number one place is our most recommended, but we also recommend checking out the other bingo sites on our list.

We only include licensed online bingo companies, guaranteeing that your money is safe and that you are protected against unregulated operators.

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