Online Casino Players in Ireland – Know Your Rights as a Player!

In Ireland, the interest of ordinary people in online casinos has been growing for many years: already half of the population of all of Ireland plays in the online versions of such games, because it is convenient, practical, and also much more pleasant than a real casino due to different sound and graphic effects. .

  • It is also becoming more and more popular due to the popularity of mobile devices throughout the country, and it is much more convenient to play online casinos on them.
  • Irish players are some of the happiest in the world because they are very tightly protected by the law, which will stop the activity of the casino if fraud is suspected.
  • However, few people know what he is allowed and what he has the right to demand as a client of such an institution, including problems when a casino attracts you and uses prohibited methods for this.

What are your rights as an online casino player?

All such companies are regulated by a strict set of laws and regulations, which are overseen by the UK Gambling Commission.

This collection includes such things as:

  • ensuring certain rights of players;
  • openness and fairness of results;
  • protecting confidentiality and financial information;
  • damage prevention.

Reducing the maximum deposit for a particular account, the presence of timeouts, and many other interesting things that can help control the players and the company are all examples of preventing harm that can be irreparable.

The fact is that when you make a deposit, you enter into some form of contract with the company that is responsible for this online casino.

With the help of the contract, the company has the right to control the financial activities of the user in its online casino.

Fairness of results

Thus, this set of laws protects not only players from Ireland, but from the whole United Kingdom and this is very useful in terms of security. After all, no one wants to be left without money because of an unclean casino.

Also, this code has a prohibition for such organizations to receive an unfair or excessive advantage through the use of ambiguous contract language.

To prove their honesty and incorruptibility, casinos legally use systems in their games based on random number generators (RNG), and therefore all games are absolutely fair and you can rely only on luck, and not think that someone is trying to deceive you .

Well, it also makes all users equal in front of each other. These random number generators are tested by independent bodies to ensure they are fair.

This bill helps players not to fall into the trap of unexpected aspects of the contract that will adversely affect the life, psychological state and wallet of the client.

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, contractual language must be honest and open.

This is exactly what is done so that the player can soberly assess at the beginning of the game whether he needs to open an account in this casino or not. Thus, everything becomes much simpler and complex words will not confuse you.

The entire contract should be in full view and all its parts and interpretations must be with the client, only then can we assume that everything is correct and no one is deceiving anyone.

The commission evaluates all sites that have a license so that their software works according to all standards.

The auditors conduct several tests, including game and math checks, live dealer checks, RNG checks, poker system checks, bet exchange checks, lotteries and betting system evaluations, etc.

Those casinos that have successfully passed this process will receive a special document that proves that they meet all the requirements of the commission.

He also proves that the minimum percentage return corresponds to the truth and the minimum threshold set by the commission.

Protection of Banking Services and Harm Associated with Gambling

Casinos are required to provide all customers with complete information about their financial activities and accounts, therefore, before registering, players must ensure that the security system protects the casino of their choice to a sufficient extent.

Well, you will need papers in any case. Without this, it will not be possible to register you and check your financial condition.

  1. Also, the developers now in their games indicate that if the player feels that he is addicted to the game and spending money in it, then he needs to limit himself from the game and as soon as possible before it develops into a more terrible stage.
  2. Also, players are shown how much time they spent in the casino. so that they themselves can draw conclusions about the waste of their precious time.
  3. They can select from a range of time periods ranging from 10 minutes to several hours.
  4. The countdown begins as soon as a wager is placed. When the player’s selected time is up, the application prompts them to take a break.

Some UK-licensed operators, like SkyBet, have developed their own reality-checking tools, while others rely on third-party software vendors.

Individual deposit limits can also be established by Irish gamblers who wish to be more responsible with their money.

Depending on the operator, the player may be prompted to pick acceptable terms and conditions upon completing the registration procedure.

Keeping this in mind, participants must be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

  1. So, if a casino or bookmaker refuses you something, you may check the UKGC rules and regulations, as well as your terms of service, to discover what players from Ireland and other regions of the world are entitled to.
  2. Irish consumers at online casinos must be provided with clear and detailed information about their accounts and financial activity.
  3. When reviewing a casino’s security section, Irish players should seek for a detailed description of how the casino’s security system will protect their identity.
  4. It is crucial since customers are frequently required to supply personal and bank account information in order to deposit and play at an online casino.

As a result, all regulated internet casinos in Ireland are required to include safeguards to protect their customers’ privacy and personal information.

Under the new criteria imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation, all online casinos must take necessary technological and organizational steps to apply the fundamental data protection principles.

Because iGaming operators handle personal data, they are required to expressly declare what data they collect from clients, as well as the legal basis and purpose for such data processing.

Customers of online casinos may request a portable copy of any data obtained in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

They can also request that their data be erased from the casino in certain circumstances.

Customers should check that the operator’s website they want to play on uses Secure Sockets Layer encryption for money transfers to and from online casinos.

What does this have to do with anything? When using a regular, unencrypted connection, the information contained in the customer’s request is transferred in plain text from one server to another across the web.

Anyone with access to one of these servers can collect the player’s personal and financial information.

Trustworthy online casinos use an unique cryptographic protocol that encrypts communication between servers on the Internet so that no one can read it.

Segregation of Player Funds

All regulated online casinos in the United Kingdom must safeguard their clients’ money under the basis of player funds segregation.

In other words, the UKGC requires such Internet-based gambling companies to keep player deposits separate from their day-to-day business accounts in order to protect them in the event that the company goes bankrupt.

Customers should be informed that money put in online casinos is not protected in the same way that money deposited in personal bank accounts is.

It is for this reason that online casinos must keep their customers’ monies distinct from their own.

Furthermore, each online casino’s terms and conditions must have a separate section outlining whether or not clients’ funds are secured and, if so, to what amount.

It is critical to remember while determining whether or not to gamble with that certain operator.

Furthermore, the more money a player has in an online casino, the more concerned they should be about the operator’s degree of security.

However, this does not ensure that players’ monies would be returned if the company goes bankrupt.

The UKGC currently provides three layers of security for the funds of online gaming clients.

Each operator must decide which category is best for their protection and justify their choice.

This information, according to the Gambling Commission’s standards, must be displayed in the operator’s terms and conditions section.


There is always someone to act correctly in times of conflict, addiction, or infringement of gamblers’ rights.

With that said, Irish players must remember that they have both duties and rights.

If you wish to learn more about this subject, we recommend that you read the second essay in the series, which discusses your obligations as an online casino player.

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