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The word KYC or “Know Your Customer” has already become quite famous in all the most popular and safest casinos in Ireland – this is a procedure in which the client confirms his identity by providing certain documents, photographs and maybe even calling an employee.

This system has become one of the so-called “Keys” to ensure that the casinos are really safe and you don’t have to worry about losing your own funds.

That is why the KYC procedure is a legal and worldwide requirement for any online casino, due to the fact that people need confidence in their favorite site.

Due to the fact that the system was quickly implemented inside many companies, it has been improved and changed for many years, for the convenience of both the client and the company.

What is KYC?

To provide all legitimate transactions and customer security, KYC (Know Your Customer) has become a real lifesaver. This is the most important step in this area that has been made in the last couple of years.

KYC is used to check all information about the client, as well as about his finances, in order to understand whether it is possible to contact him or not.

KYC is a must-have item that needs to be demonstrated absolutely everywhere due to its importance in customer onboarding, its fight against fake websites and customers, and its regulatory standards.

Why do online casinos in Ireland use KYC?

The law in Ireland obliges all online casinos to introduce such a function, and no one can go against it, because otherwise it will be a violation of the laws of the country and will be punished to the fullest extent.

A lot of things, such as identification, age, location, and source of funding, must also be indicated, because users must remain safe, where they will not be deceived.

Well, and a very important fact – the Irish authorities are well aware of situations when money was merged and fell into the hands of terrorists, and then went to weapons, etc. It is absolutely forbidden and the system also helps to fight it.

And precisely because companies themselves are required to issue a full report on their actions, users themselves are required to provide correct and real data in order to fully comply with the laws that are accepted all over the world.


The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is responsible for granting licenses to gambling sites throughout the country, as it is part of the United Kingdom.

  • Those who have received such a license are sure to provide only real content and all their actions are performed without any fraud, which is very safe for any user.
  • Of course, you can’t do without bank statements and law enforcement officers are closely watching all the finances flowing in the casino.
  • If such rules are violated, then the law comes into force and the casino loses its license forever.

Using KYC, platform workers will be able to find out if the money that the client wants to use on their site was obtained in an honest way or if something is dirty here.

And of course, minors who want to play in a casino are eliminated in this way, although this is also prohibited by law.

However, the practice of KYC also helps Irish players, because then the site will be obliged to fulfill its conditions in order not to break the law, which means that playing in such a casino is pleasant and comfortable.

KYC also guarantees the integrity of the casino, which contributes to a fair and fair betting environment.

How to pass the KYC procedure?

The most basic things that will be required of you are your name, address and age, which you will later prove. The KYC process itself will take place approximately according to the following scenario:

  1. You can provide your documents to verify your identity immediately. This is usually either your national passport or a license to drive a vehicle of any category. You can either verify the address with a bank statement, or you can simply show one of your accounts from home. They must be no older than 3 months, otherwise you will be refused.
  2. You can also register first and do a little review of the platform itself. This will not affect the procedure in any way. so consider it as something like a little life hack.
  3. While these checks can often be used to verify player accounts, there are also times when you will be asked for more required data. But here all decisions fall on the shoulders of representatives of the Irish online casino. This is done so that, in case of suspicion, site employees can look at certain things themselves and understand whether the client is lying or not.
  4. You may also be asked to check your finances, because very often people try to deceive sites with “Unclean” money. As already mentioned, if such requirements are presented, then you will have to take an extract from your bank and provide absolutely all open data to the site employees.

Here is the entire list of documents that you may be asked to prove your financial condition:

  • statement from the bank
  • payslip
  • Scan / photo of a bank card or other payment methods (for example, an electronic wallet)
  • trust deed
  • Dividends
  • savings account
  • Pension
  • Director’s remuneration

Everything else falls on the shoulders of the casino again, and it is up to him to decide what else to ask you. It is also very important to mention that you will only be accepted if you submit all documents in good and readable condition.

Therefore, it is your task to make sure that all the necessary papers are visible in good quality and all the necessary words are included in the frame.

How will all data be used and stored?

All data and documents that you provide for the casino must be stored on the company’s servers so that employees can familiarize themselves with this information at any time.

We can understand why people are so afraid to give out their data in the 21st century, when it will be unknown where and with whom, but we assure you that such a procedure, on the contrary, allows the site to take care of you, and not harm you.

The aforementioned organization UKGC also regulates all these points very strictly, and for those cases where the casino violates its obligations and user data falls into third parties, then the very well-known Data Protection Regulation comes into play.

According to it, the company does not have the right to use your data for any purposes other than internal ones, and you can, if anything, report violations of this law and subsequently the casino will be obliged to pay damages and be punished.

Only authorized and qualified employees should have access to all files where user data is stored.

How can KYC affect rates?

Before proceeding to this question – confirm your age:

  • Deposit money into your account
  • Get access to any free games that are on the platform.
  • Play for your own money at the casino or place a free bet or premium.
  • In order to play the game, you will also need to verify your name, address, and date of birth.

Yes, many people don’t like it, but it’s better not to run from the law and security, right?

Experienced players from Ireland don’t even look at online casinos that don’t have a KYC system because they realize the value of this system and the security it brings to the entertainment industry.


All topics related to online casinos, and gambling in general, have become very popular in recent years and it is already difficult to find a person who has never played on such platforms so far.

At first, the issue of security was very acute, but after the introduction of the KYC system, everything fell into place and finally the relationship between the client and the casino began to improve, because now they have something to present to each other in case of certain difficulties or problems that are so simple do not allow. Especially in case of fraud.

Now KYC is helping countries fight illegal terrorist financing, which is very beneficial for the situation in the world, which could be much worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KYC required for all online casinos in Ireland?

KYC is, of course, a 100% part of any decent online casino, because it is required by law and banks are also forced to present such a system. not just casinos. If there is no KYC on the site, then the company can be closed and imposed with a bunch of terribly large fines, and no one will do this. It is easier to bring the system into your standard procedure.

What if I don’t have all the required paperwork?

You need to contact the representatives of the site and ask what you should do, because they can offer you alternative solutions to this problem and you will simply provide other papers.

But first of all, go to your bank and find out if you can get an extract there that can give all the data about you, or is it impossible for some reason. Usually, of course, there are no problems, but it’s better to find out anyway.

But if you do not have a passport or a driving license, then you will need to find out on the site itself whether you can provide a birth certificate.

If not, then you still have to get the necessary documents somewhere.

What else can I learn about KYC?

If you are interested in the details on a particular site, then feel free to ask all questions to support. They will tell you the details and help you go through the procedure itself.

If something changes, do I need to report this to the support service at the casino?

In general, very often there are problems due to the fact that the user did not update information about himself in time and thus he lost all his funds. So we strongly recommend keeping the data up to date.

Also, the casino periodically checks the data, so do not forget about it, otherwise you risk everything that you put on the line.

What is the advantage of KYC?

Even if we forget about all the advantages of KYC, it is clear that it is required all over the world by law.

Compliance with KYC helps prevent fraud and other crimes by blocking marked individuals and further blocking the ways criminals have access to money laundering.

Compliance with KYC helps to maintain your reputation and ensure the trust of your competitors and customers around the world as a gambling organization.

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