Information Security Goals takes care and does everything possible in the field of security so that the servers do not have problems and all information is stored with the latest generation of complete protection. guarantees that all data collected from users will be kept completely intact and can be accessed at any time if needed. warrants that all relevant information is handled and stored in accordance with all stated confidentiality procedures.

Information security policy

The objective of this policy is to protect against intruders any data stored on the platform service, regardless of the period or amount of data.

This system provides these moments:

  • Access to confidential information is limited to those who need access to it to fulfill the purposes for which the client provided it.
  • Everything must be stable and always kept in the strictest control, especially if it is necessary to change the data on the servers.
  • servers must not have days off or free hours so that they cannot be hacked or used against a client or site.
  • To be the industry-leading platform and media provider providing world-class security solutions for our gambling partners and users.
  • Compliance with all gambling rules and laws that require you to have certain licenses, without which you cannot conduct such activities.

Information security risks

Risks in are managed with the help of a special system developed by top engineers, which exists to quickly and accurately find informational risks, which will help to understand the correctness of the decisions made, as well as the possibilities for the development of events after certain actions.


  • Each employee is responsible for following all safety rules and agreements. All managers are directly responsible if there are such violations, since it is their task to keep the team in a certain state.
  • The Executive is always responsible for the development, planning, implementation and operation of the ISMS at
  • The Internal Audit Committee is also required to follow all of the above rules.

This Information Security Policy is subject to revision when significant changes occur in the organization.