New Online Casinos Ireland 2022

The year 2022 has just arrived, and Irish gamblers are eagerly wondering what new online casino awaits them in the new year. Finding the perfect site for yourself is quite a challenge, so we decided to help our readers find the perfect place for gambling entertainment.

2022 New Casinos List

Top 1 casino

Genesis Logo

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Malta, UK


1-3 days

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Rocket Casino

Up to โ‚ฌ1,000 + 150 free spins

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1-3 days

Payment options

For players from Ireland, It’s important that the casino accepts convenient payment systems and rewards their favorite players with useful bonuses that would make gambling entertainment even more profitable. At the same time, the site should have a caring support team that will be attentive to the identified problem and help effectively resolve the request.

We will tell you about the criteria for choosing a gambling club, in which you will find what is important to you and spend more than one hour, entertaining yourself with vivid games and earning solid money at the same time.

New Casinos in Ireland

How we Rate New Online Casinos

2015 was a happy year for many Irish people who like to spend time at the machines, because it was then that online gambling clubs were finally able to operate legally. It’s interesting that 2% of the population of the country likes to visit online gambling establishments, so the sites are just a huge number, and It’s simply unreal to choose in this colorful sea.

There are many people who believe that casinos simply can’t be honest – what is the point of paying out winnings and losing money? But It’s important to understand that only a system that is beneficial to both parties works well. There will always be someone to win and someone to lose, and the money from the losses is formed as the income of the game club, and, for example, progressive jackpots. The site which doesn’t pay out winnings to its users is doomed to a wave of hatred. Therefore worthy new online casinos exist, and now we will tell you how we choose from them those with attractive conditions.


A license is the first ghost of a bona fide casino. Casinos that have not been licensed shouldn’t be paid attention to right away. The license says that the site is obliged to comply with the laws of the country in which it will operate. It also means that the owners of a gambling club stand for fair play and guarantee their users that all payments will be made, their data entered during registration will be safe and accounts will be protected.

In Ireland, there is a commission that checks online venues for integrity. It establishes the identity of the owner who owns the online establishment and checks whether he organizes its operation honestly. This commission also checks to see if any underage users are registered on the site. If you see information about a license issued by the Gambling Commission, then the site you are considering is reliable.

Security Certificates

The second important step to verify the bona fides of a new online casino is to establish proper security certificates. We can’t give a site our personal data as well as details with all the information unless we are sure that they will be protected from unauthorized access and won’t be used for fraudulent purposes.

In order to protect their users from data leakage, for example, into the hands of hackers, the owners equip their online gaming establishments with special security certificates that use modern encryption methods. For example, 128-Bit SSL – this technology is very common in the online gambling space in Ireland. Not a single user of a casino that uses this technology has ever complained about a leak of their personal data.

Payment Options

The safety and reliability are taken care of. The next point, which will be very important to Irish players when choosing a new casino, are payment methods. It’s important to withdraw the money quickly, to an account that is convenient for you, to take advantage of your winnings as soon as possible. Gaming clubs, which are going to gain a large audience, provide users with a large number of different payment methods, which can be used to deposit and withdraw money.

Players prefer to pay with:

  • Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Solo, American Express ะธ Visa Electron credit cards;
  • Electronic wallets like Skrill, Click2Pay, Ecopayz, Neteller ะธ PayPal;
  • Mobile clients like Boku casino payment, Zimpler, Payforit ะธ Siru.

Games Selection

Now to the main part โ€” even if all of the above is in the casino, but there are no cool games, there will be nothing to do in it. Over time, even your favorite slots can get boring, so it’s important that the online site regularly adds new offerings to its entertainment set.

Also important are the games that are convenient to play with a cell phone because nowadays the players use mostly smartphones. That’s why respecting themselves, new casinos arrange weekly replenishment of the new games, presented by the developers reputable. You can enjoy a variety of themes for slots that resonate in your soul, hope for your luck in different types of roulette, play with a live dealer in poker, and much more, having only a phone in hand and access to the Internet.

Customer Support

But even if the set of games is as attractive as possible, the pleasure can be destroyed in an instant if the player suddenly doesn’t get the money or encounters a problem when running the mobile application. These and similar issues should be resolved by the support service, so in all new casino 2021 without exception, it works on a round-the-clock basis.

Everyone reading this article will agree that there is nothing more annoying than a long response from support. You send a message wishing to quickly resolve the problem, but it still hangs in the online chat unread, to say nothing of the email. Or you call the hotline, and you listen to music on hold that’s already stuck in your throat.

A casino that respects its customers will set up a customer service desk that will quickly and efficiently resolve an inquiry, even if the user has contacted at night. The customer should be greeted by a friendly support staff member, asking questions and advising a solution in plain language.

Bonuses and Promotions

Now It’s impossible to imagine an online gambling establishment that wouldn’t give its customers various gifts. Each site wants to expand its audience, and therefore offers new customers fantastic bonuses, with which you can earn quite decent money. It’s important that all these rewards are given out on adequate terms.

Irish players can get money, freespins and much more from the gaming club, as long as the site owners have enough imagination. The only condition that discourages users is wagering. Indeed, the gifts mostly go to the bonus account, from which they will need to be withdrawn by investing something in the selected casino. Therefore, bonuses should be seen more as a discount than a gift from under the Christmas tree. Incentives for newcomers, as well as a variety of promotions help players save more than twice as much on gambling entertainment.

Website Layout And User-friendliness

But even the issuance of bonuses on a large scale can be gloomy if the design in the casino is disgusting, and It’s simply impossible to navigate in it. A beautiful picture is very important to a person. The surroundings have to look attractive, otherwise, we won’t feel comfortable in the room. The same works for online casinos. If the site is made in bright, mismatching colors, which will hurt the eyes, equipped with ugly fonts, where the text is written with little or no space between the lines, on this site it will be just impossible to be.

Especially all of this can manifest itself in the new casino sites. Another very important interface, especially for beginners. When you get to the site and you don’t understand which section is where, where to find the information you need, the desire to stay is lost.

Therefore, sites that respect themselves and their customers in Ireland optimize the user interface and UX their sites so that everyone could find what they need and would get aesthetic pleasure from the look of the site.

Responsible Gambling

Players rarely think about it, but we all have our rights, including when cooperating in a casino. The section on responsible gambling at gaming sites should be located in a prominent place so that the visitor can read all the information. Familiarizing yourself with this tab will help you outline in your mind your rights as a player and the casino’s responsibilities to you. In case of a negative situation (for example, incorrect payment or its complete absence), you will be able to refer to this section and prove your rightness.

Payout Speed

And so you’ve chosen a licensed casino, received the appropriate bonuses and played a game that caught your eye. What else do you need? Another point that is important to players is quick payouts. Nothing can compare to the feeling of winning, so you want to withdraw it as soon as possible to your wallet or card, or spend it on various needs. While you apply, you already have time to think about how to spend the money, but it doesn’t come…

This situation, perhaps, is the only one, which can exceed the disappointment of incompetent customer service. Sites that respect themselves and their customers provide players with a variety of payment methods to choose from and instantly send remittances. Further, the speed of receipt already depends on the cashout method you choose. It’s important to understand that the card will receive money more slowly than the e-wallet. Not always the casino itself is to blame for the long wait for payment.

Pros and Cons of New Online Casinos

The world of competition is complex and cruel, so It’s important for online venues to offer advantages that will outweigh the competitors’ offers. Now we will tell you about the pros and cons of new online gambling clubs.


  • New sites offer unique bonuses and promotions with which they want to change their competitors’ customer base, such as tiered systems with points and giving away cool prizes;
  • Only the best software that won’t let you down at an important moment and please the eye and soul of the user with great effects and graphics;
  • Wide set of payment systems with protection of operations from extraneous interference;
  • Responsive support service that will respond at any time of day and night and solve the problem;
  • Regular updates that will delight customers every day.

There will always be room for disadvantages:

  • New online gambling sites can often have bugs and glitches, as these points require real-time tests and player feedback;
  • The names of new sites aren’t often found in reviews, and therefore they may be overlooked;
  • From the previous point grows this one – there are few reviews of such sites, so players don’t tend to register there.

Therefore, often Irish players must decide for themselves whether or not to try this or that new site. However, we try to inform our readers about all relevant news and gambling phenomena.

How Often Do We Update Our List

If you are often in search of a new site that would please you with incredible slots, then feel free to contact us! We are always on the lookout for new offers from casinos and keep track of new names on the gambling market. We are against gambling conservatism and are always open to new things, so we regularly check what’s new with this or that site. Maybe it’s a new mobile app that works better than any other? Maybe the casino has updated its list of bonuses? If you only want up-to-date information, contact us and we’ll be happy if we can help you find what you’ve been looking for.

New Casinos vs Established Casinos

Often players think โ€” why try something new when there is a well-proven old one? I’ve always used this casino, why should I change it for something else?

As we mentioned in the previous section, everything is constantly changing. There are new developers, types of bonuses, apps, and more. Maybe the new additions will be better than the previous ones โ€” you should always strive to evolve.

And so you don’t have time to step on the rake, we did all the work for you, and compiled a selection of new casino sites. It’s important to know that new sites are often created by experienced teams, so if the site has all the important criteria that we outlined above, then there is no reason to distrust.

How to Sign Up at New Casino Sites

Registration in each casino is different, but the principle is generally the same. And now we will tell you about it.

To register at your chosen online site, you just need to click on the registration button. Usually, gambling clubs offer several options for creating an account. For example, you can simply sign in through social networks. We recommend choosing the standard form to avoid filling out additional information in the future.

Only adult players can register on the sites, and It’s important to specify only truthful information in order to successfully pass the verification later. To create a new account, you will definitely need an email, phone number. Be sure to come up with a non-standard password.

New Mobile Casinos

Nowadays, there is not a person who doesn’t have a cell phone. Therefore, we are witnessing the phenomenon of the birth of mobile casinos exclusively. In general, there is no difference between special mobile casinos and mobile versions of regular sites. Except for the fact that the former work only and only on smartphones.

Basically, mobile clients are developed for owners of Android and iPhone gadgets. The programs weigh very little and are therefore suitable for installation on almost any phone. This makes it easy to immerse yourself in entertainment and making money. All you have to do is pull out your phone during a work break โ€” and for a while, you can immerse yourself in a completely different universe, bright and, importantly, profitable.

New Live Casinos

Another really exciting possibility is casinos, where you can only spend time with real dealers. Gone is the time of land-based establishments, when you had to go somewhere. Now the space of a whole casino is available in your home or, indeed, in a small phone. Which is especially true in our time, when going out once more on the street is more expensive.

In a live casino, emotions are even brighter than in the usual. And you can play the same games you are accustomed to. The software placed in such online gambling establishments is created by reliable developers, so you can safely go to the incredible entertainment with dealers with whom you can chat over the game.

New Casinos Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

In order for players to have a great time at an online gambling establishment and save good money, sites offer them a variety of bonuses. It may seem that giving out bonuses will hinder the development of a gambling club, but gifts attract customers, which means they play more. Everyone stays in the black.

There are many varieties of bonuses aimed at providing a great time for every player. If it’s a new player, he’ll get a terrific deposit bonus and can make his first games more profitable. And players who have been loyal to the site for a long time will be able to participate in periodic promotions and nice offers.

Now we will list the varieties of bonus offers that you can come across when looking for the perfect online site with cool slots.

Welcome Bonus

With a welcome bonus, casinos greet new players, promising them a great time. Each site has its own initial incentives, but mostly It’s an addition of a certain percentage to the amount of the deposit. Both parties win – the player deposits and spends this money in the games offered by the casino. He can both win and lose.

Using the bonus received after registration and depositing, the player can save at least twice as much on wagers which is not great. Wagering can often put off an inexperienced user, but the welcome bonus should be treated more like a discount than an actual gift.

No Deposit Bonus

But this is the gift every Irishman dreams of when he decides to throw himself into the sea of casino gambling. No wagering and no deposit – get the money and go play your favorite theme slots or choose a number and color on the roulette wheel. Well, a no deposit bonus can still be wagering, but often the wagering conditions for this type of bonus are quite simple.

The advantage of no deposit bonus is obvious – you don’t need to deposit money, you can just spend the money you’ve already received, and then win and spend it further. Of course, the casino will have certain conditions, but in general, this incentive is really very profitable. But not every site can take such a risk, so there aren’t many casinos with this type of bonuses, and especially new ones.

Free Spins

Many sites give new users (as well as regular players) not only money, but also freespins. Thanks to freespins, you can play your favorite slots from the best developers without using money.

Often online gambling establishments give players a specific set of freespins. For example, not for all slots, but for a particular kind. Depending on the chosen site, you can get 10 freespins as a gift, or you can get 200.

Just like a cash bonus, freespins can be distributed on the conditions of wagering or without it. The latter are much less than the former.

Loyalty Points

Almost every online casino site has a loyalty program that provides players with various rewards. Usually, there are several levels in it, through which one has to advance and get more and more privileges.

Moving to one or another level depends on the activity of the player. For each action in the gaming club (betting in slots, roulette and other games) he is given points. Each casino has its own norm of points. The player accumulates these points and, upon reaching a certain number of points, changes his level.

For achieving a certain number of points, the player may be granted various privileges, or these points can be spent on the purchase of various prizes.

VIP Bonuses

Some casinos have a VIP program that allows players who spend a lot of money on bets to get even more benefits. It’s a pretty fair scheme – if you spend more than others, you’d like to get more. That’s how it works.

Players who love to play big get special bonuses. For example, they may be given more loyalty points, which can be spent on various gifts. They can also be given gifts (most often electronics), freespins that can be spent on a certain type of slots.

Refer a Friend

Communication is important to everyone, and in a casino it can also bring money. Gaming clubs are interested in bringing in as many people as possible. That is why players are offered to take advantage of an interesting bonus โ€” to invite friends (or just acquaintances) and receive a percentage of their winnings.

The user is given a referral link, which he can share on social networks or elsewhere. For example, send a friend or acquaintance in a personal message. If this person will play in the casino, the user will receive bonuses. What size bonus the customer gets depends on how much of a deposit the person invited will make, how much they will play and how much they will spend.

The nice thing about this bonus is that the number of people you can invite to an online game club is unlimited. Therefore, even if you get a small percentage of the invited people, if there will be a lot of them, the amount of the bonus will turn out to be decent.

Mobile Only Bonuses

The Irish now do everything with a mobile phone, including playing at the casino. So sites couldn’t help but come up with special bonuses that would be given only for using a mobile app.

Such bonuses, for example, can be given for installing a mobile client. Or will be valid only when using it.

Deposit Methods at New Online Casinos

Each casino offers a specific set of deposit methods. By the way, the deposit method may be the same as the withdrawal method, or it may be different. For example, there are payment systems, which are designed only to replenish the gaming account. For example, prepaid cards.

Casino that respects itself and its customers offers a wide range of payment systems, including credit cards, electronic purses, as well as cryptocurrencies, which attract Irish people by making anonymous payments.

The money comes into your account almost instantly regardless of the payment system you choose. No commission sites with a good reputation with the players don’t take. The minimum deposit differs in each online gambling establishment, so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

WithDraws Methods at New Online Casinos

Payment Methods

As we have already said, deposit and withdrawal methods can sometimes overlap. Often casinos even use the same method on a regular basis. For example, if you’ve chosen a particular requisite for making a deposit, then you’ll have to use the same one for withdrawal as well. So read the terms carefully when choosing a site where you will want to play gambling.

The speed of receipt of money in the account after the withdrawal is not as fast as with the deposit. In addition, it also depends on the selected payment system. The fastest withdrawal will be the electronic wallets – the funds usually come within a couple of hours, in rare cases, may come during the day. Cards will receive the money within 3-5 business days. Minimum withdrawal and maximum withdrawal figures are different for each online platform.

Importance of Licenses for New online Casinos

As we have already mentioned, It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of the license. It’s like a kind of stamp of approval, by which you can judge – to trust this or that site or not. The license protects both the users of the gambling establishment and the legislation of the country where the online casino is going to operate.

If a casino has a license, it means it has already been tested. Checked the conditions under which it operates and its integrity. In such a casino you can safely register, deposit and spend money on bets, because you’ll be confident in its reliability and safety.

New Online Casino Games

The general information is clear โ€” but what games are waiting for us in the new casino?

  1. Slots with progressive jackpot. For those who like to take risks and play big. The stakes in such slots are higher, but there is an opportunity to get delicious winnings of up to 10 million euros.
  2. Video slots. The good old classics with nice graphics and a wide range of subjects – you can choose a pirate adventure, thrilling to the creeps in the body of a horror movie or an exciting action from Marvel?
  3. 3D and 4K slots. These slots are a must play for those for whom visuals matter. They are equipped with simply incredible graphics in the best quality and give a real aesthetic pleasure.
  4. Fruit slots. There is a casino and a kind of dessert – popular slots, in which you drop lines with delicious fruit.
  5. Live games. It’s boring to play with a computer, just as It’s when a roulette wheel is spun by a dealer.

Casino Site Software and Game Providers

Whether or not the software in the casino you choose will work honestly depends on its supplier. It’s important to choose sites that cooperate with reliable providers producing machines with an honest random number generator. We will now tell you about some of them. If you see these names in the casino of your choice, you can safely go for brilliant entertainment.

  1. NetEnt. This name is known to many active players, especially those who love Starburst slots and the coolest Mega Fortune progressive jackpot machine.
  2. Evolution Gaming. If you are bored playing with the computer and want to play with the company, the software from these developers – that’s what you need.
  3. Microgaming. Classic is the motto of this provider. More than a dozen thousand players have tried the atmospheric software from this reliable provider.
  4. Playtech. This provider produces a wide range of games that includes not only slots with stunning graphics, but also software with live dealers, virtual sports, and many more cool things.

These are just some of the biggest names in gambling software. If you see these names – Novomatic, Play ‘n’ Go, Yggdrasil, Ash Gaming, Quickspin, and Thunderkick – you too can be assured of quality.


It may seem that since the site is new, you can't expect any normal bonuses from it. On the contrary. The owners of new casinos understand that they need to compete somehow, and therefore often offer very profitable bonuses. And at least for the sake of them, you can try to spend time at this or that new site.

It depends on which one you choose. It's important to check whether the site you choose has the appropriate license. If yes, then it has passed all the necessary checks, and you can go with confidence to the money journey. If you can't find any information about the license, then It's better to leave this gambling establishment and look for another one.

There are a lot of new casinos in Ireland and It's easy to get lost in all this variety. There are special sites that add to their reviews the names of new online venues that have just recently started operating. On our website, you can find all the relevant information about the new Irish gambling platforms.

It doesn't depend on how old the casino you choose, but on what payment system you use. If you prefer cards, you'll have to wait a few days for the withdrawal. But if you prefer electronic wallets, then wait for your honestly earned winnings within a couple of hours.

This is a burning question for many. Winning is not something you want to share. It's a gift you made to yourself, and then someone wants a piece of your pie. We have good news for you - you won't have to pay any taxes, even if you decide to try a new casino. Your winnings are yours alone, and no one will charge interest on them.

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